LIDO Artist Residency is located in Guangzhou in a small traditional Chinese village, in which our residents can get a taste of living in a small town inside a massive city. This village is called Nanting and it is home to many local artists; in fact, the locals refer to it as an artist’s village. Our studio and gallery space are located right across the street from the Guangdong Art Academy.


We are located on a beautiful and quiet island surrounded by the Pearl River and it is well connected to the rest of the city. It is just half-hour by metro from the city center (financial district) and just a few metro stops from many historic sites and museums. There are also a few other small art villages nearby.

LIDO Artist Residency Program provides artists with the opportunity to create art in a unique and interesting environment. Our residency program is very small, meaning that we accept only one or (two max) artists at the time.  This would help the artists to avoid distraction and it provides the opportunity for reflection, research, and production of new work.

The residence program is self-directed so you have the freedom to create whatever you want, but we also encourage our guests to explore around our community to find inspiration that perhaps could be translated into artwork, or not. The important thing is that the artists who come here have a rich experience and enjoy their time with us while experiencing real China and while they are creating their artwork.


Our location allows the artists to explore his/her practice within a new community of artist and scholars where they can make new connections, explore new materials and art-making techniques while experiencing life abroad as a local. Additionally, LIDO’s Artist Residency emphasizes the importance of meaningful and multi-layered cultural exchange and immersion into Chinese Culture so artists will have the opportunity to explore what the city has to offer culturally.


LIDO Residency Program provides artists with free accommodations and studio space; the artists only have to pay for their visas, transportation (airfare and local transport), food, and art materials. At the end of the residency, we organize a solo exhibition to which we invite local artists and the people from our community to come enjoy the show.



Polly Williams
Megan Pryce



Zhu Li
Liu Hao

France based Chinese